Why everyone should grow an herb garden?

Herbs. A word with a pronunciation that has been debated for centuries, yet refers to ingredients that are used ubiquitously in modern cooking. From thyme to rosemary to dill, the list of herbs could go on and on, which is why we at aspara are constantly trying to find new seeds so our customers can enjoy a wider selection of these flavorful plants. Everyone knows that dried herbs can be found in the supermarket, but are you aware of the benefits fresh herbs can bring?

Not only do fresh herbs pack more flavor and punch than dried herbs, growing your own herbs is also a more inexpensive option than having to constantly stock your pantry with dried herbs. By growing your own herbs, you can also ensure that none of the nasty chemicals farmers use are added to your fresh bunch of herbs and feel assured that your children are only eating the finest of foods. Add your fresh bunch of parsley or dill to your family favorite dish to wow them even more!


In addition, the word ‘fresh’ takes on a different meaning when you’re able to pluck it straight from your herb garden and immediately plate it in a matter of seconds. Even if you arrive bright and early at the produce market your herbs are likely to be at least a day old, if not more, meaning what you buy in stores will never match the freshness of harvesting your own herbs at home. The dishes created will also not be the same due to the varying freshness of your herbs. By growing your own herb garden, never worry about your herbs drying out again! The herbs on your plates will always be the greenest they can be.


Finally, for those who need the last little push to convince them an herb garden would be a great addition to any home, herbs are also great for your body! From coriander to mint, all of these herbs are sure to pack lots of benefits for your body. The coriander grown with your own aspara machine can not only give your dish a bright green zing, it’s also very useful in the detoxification of heavy metals, cleansing your system while pleasing your taste buds.