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Dill is a culinary herb. It is especially easy growing hydroponically. Both fresh and dried dill leaves are widely used in cuisine such as Indian curry, Boazi (Chinese bun), fish pie.

Type: Herbs

Sprout: 7-14 days

Harvest: 35 days

Seed from*: USA / Canada / Netherlands

Nutritional Benefits:

Dill has numerous health benefits, including better sleeping quality, calms down hiccups due to allergies, rich in many vitamins for maintain our body health such as boosting immunity, maintaining bone health. Low in calories and does not contain cholesterol help you to keep fit and lose weight.

Harvest Tips:

Dill may be a bit slow at the beginning and grow sidewards. Soon the growth will accelerate and plants will grow upwards again. Single leaves / branches can be started harvesting after 3 weeks planting.


When the plant has branches in around 15-20cm (6-8in) tall, you should harvest the branches. Regular pruning will make your herbs healthier and help your plant develop more branches for better harvest.

Harvest the whole plant in about 1 month from planting, but no later than 2 months for best flavour. 

Available Size:

Seed kit with 8 capsules and nutrients


* We source seeds from different origins. 

Seed kit includes pre-seeded capsules and nutrient packs



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