Cherry Tomato

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Red, juicy bite-sized tomato to be harvested in 2.5 to 6 months.
Special nutrient packs for fruit included, enough for use till harvest.

Type: Tomato
Sprout: 2-7 days
Harvest: 75 days
Seed from*: Canada / USA / UK
NOTE! Regular pruning, thinning, cleaning, pollinating, harvesting in time are needed, see PLANTING TIPS.

What is in each seed kit:
- 4 pre-seeded seed capsules
- 12 packs plant nutrient

More plant knowledge, nutritional information and recipes, CLICK HERE.
* Regions with seed restriction will have local seed kit production using local seeds, other will use seeds from various origins.

Seed kit includes pre-seeded capsules and nutrient packs



Clean and Soil-free