Experimental Kit

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Seed not included.
Experiment with your own seeds, try growing any plants in aspara.
For advance users.

Experimental seed kit includes seed baskets, growing media and nutrient packs - all you need for planting with your own seeds in aspara smart grower.

Seed Kit set up

Experimental Kit (CF-KEX0001)

1. Insert seed basket onto grow tray. It is not necessary to fill up all holes, see Planting Tips for suggested number of capsules for different plant species.

2. Insert growing media into the seed baskets.

3. Put your own seeds into holes of the growing media. Make sure all growing media on aspara is seeded.

Note: Make sure your plant will not grow higher than 20cm which may cause damage to the grow lights. You can prune it or even replant it to open space when it grows too tall.

4. Refer to your smart grower setup instruction to continue setup.