24 Nutrient Packs for Plant

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Content: 24 nutrient packs
Net weight per nutrient pack: 2g (0.07oz)
Nutrient from: USA

Suitable for:
• Leafy vegetable: e.g. lettuces, kale, rocket, mizuna, etc.
• Herbs: e.g. basil, coriander, dill, parsley, etc.
• Fruits: e.g. tomato etc.
• Flowers: e.g. viola etc.
• Root vegetable: e.g. radish etc.

Good to use for (in aspara nature smart grower):
• Leafy vegetable: 6 months
• Herbs: 8 months
• Fruits: 3 months
• Flowers: 8 months
• Root vegetable: 6 months

How to use:
Add nutrient packs according to aspara smart grower's notification. For general use, add 1 pack per 2L of fresh water, then apply to plant once or twice weekly.

Customer Reviews

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Lydia Mayo

Bought it for spare use, simple packaging.
Hope my plants grow well with these.